yosemite national park
Arches National Park
Park Ranger Categories/Classifications
  • Interpretive Rangers
  • Law enforcement Park Rangers (Protection Rangers)
  • General Park Rangers

Interpretive Park Ranger:   Rangers responsibility is to ensure that the visitors have a meaningful enjoyable park experience.  Interpretive rangers promote and teach stewardship of the natural resources of the park and environment.  Duties include the interpretation of natural, historical, archeological, resources of the park for the benefit of the visitors.  Rangers will lead guided walks/hikes, facilitate self guided hikes, conduct demonstrations, give talks and lectures.  Provide directions and guidance to visitors throughout the park and visitor center.  Conduct environmental education in the park as well as the community. 

Law Enforcement / Protection Ranger:  Rangers responsibility is the protection of the park and its natural resources.  Enforce the laws and ensure the protection and safety of the visitors.  Traffic control, fee collection, campground operations, picnic areas are duties of the ranger.  Rangers are trained in law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighting, and search and rescue.

General Park Ranger:  Rangers are trained in both interpretive and protection.  General park rangers  have the skills, knowledge, training and understanding to "do it all". 

All Park Rangers have the sworn duty to protect  and preserve  the National Parks

  • United States Citizenship
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • State issued driver's license
  • 4-year bachelors degree or related on the job experience
  • NPS Type II Law Enforcement Commission**
  • Pass drug screening
  • Pass medical exam
  • Pass physical efficiency battery
  • Completed SLETP (seasonal law enforcement training program)**
  • Must wear National Park Service Uniform
  • Wildland Fire Red Card**
  • EMS Certification**
**protection ranger requirements
Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program is required by the National Park Service.  All protection park rangers must successfully complete the training program.  There are locations throughout the United States that offer the SLETP.  Upon successful completion a graduate is eligible to receive a Type II law enforcement commission (pending background investigation and drug/medical screening)

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